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API gateway is a software pattern that facilitates requests and delivery of data services in an application programming interface [API].

It's a full-fledged system that allows you to manage and handle all risks involved in processing tons of API calls, such as CORS support, traffic management, authorization, access control, and traffic management.

API gateway plays a crucial role in simplifying service delivery, attaining flexibility in different REST calls, monitoring, and reliability.

With Axiom’s APIGateway expertise, build new back-end services without provisioning new server infrastructure with Amazon API Gateway.

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What is Amazon API Gateway & How it Helps

TheAmazon API Gateway optimizes communication between clients and enhances the features of micro services. Leveraging API Gateway, customers can get the following benefits.

Seamless integration with AWS Lambda, IAM, and AWS services

Easy and
one-stop monitoring

Efficient API deployment

Flexible and robust security controls

Enhanced scalability with cost savings

Application Modernization Process

Why Axiom?

As an Advanced Consulting Partner, Axiom enables your business to use Amazon API Gateway as per your unique requirements. We integrate Amazon API Gateway with Amazon S3 and Lambda functions to create and deploy microservices that often experience spiky traffic. With API Gateway, you do not have to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure and compute resources and get to focus on developing products. Our expertise includes:

RestFul APIs

Simple and Seamless Deployment


Amazon API Gateway Request Processing Workflow

Application Modernization Process

For better API deployment and management, utilize our services and get the following benefits.

Simplify API Deployment

Quickly iterate, test, and release new versions and enable your customer to upgrade anytime.

Simplify architecture

Make it easy to create different applications like chat apps, streaming dashboards, and more.

Get robust security

Utilize the power of AWS Identity and Access Management [IAM] to secure the framework with oAuth2 support.

Get massive growth and scalability

Design services that meet SLAs by improving throttle and latency

Pay according to your usage without any worries about recurring payments.

Traditional App Architecture

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