Amazon DynamoDB

Reduce the Operational Complexity of Running Large Database Systems

Amazon DynamoDB is a database service that offers high-quality performance at any scale and allows you to minimize operational challenges.

With Amazon DynamoDB, easily get key-value and document data models, automated global replication with global tables, and advanced streaming applications with Kinesis Streams.

At Axiom, we enable your business to eliminate the burdens of operating and scaling a distributed database by adopting Amazon DynamoDB for your applications.

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What is DynamoDB and How it Helps

AmazonDynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that offers quick and predictable performance with improved scalability.

It helps you get rid of the unnecessary burden of hardware provisioning, replication, setup and configuration, software patching, or cluster scaling by offering encryption at rest.

At Axiom, we implement DynamoDB to ensure that you can retrieve any amount of data and serve any level of request traffic as required without worrying about application performance degradation.

We also help companies to build modern, serverless applications that start small but can scale globally to manage the extremely large size of data without sacrificing performance.

Axiom enables your IT infrastructure to leverage DynamoDB and offers the following benefits.

High-performance at scale

Serverless deployment

ready framework

Access to
control rules

Automatic data management

Traditional App Architecture
You get to create on-demand backups with Amazon DynamoDB and recover without affecting application performance.
Traditional App Architecture

Why Axiom?

Axiom offers 360-degree assistance in deploying Amazon DynamoDB as per your unique requirements


  • Discover opportunities
  • Consulting offer
  • Gap Analysis


  • MongoDB to DynamoDB 
  • RDBMS to DynamoDB
  • Oracle to DynamoDB


  • Performance optimization
  • Cost optimization
  • Application optimization


  • 24*7 support
  • Monitoring & reporting
  • Security and compliance audit

With Axiom’s expertise, you can

Develop applications with unlimited storage and throughput

Serverlessly manage IT infra with auto-scaling and enhanced performance

Optimize cost by paying only for what you consume

Encrypt data with access control and identity management

Get consistent response at milliseconds at any time

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