Build-Operate-Transfer Software Development Model

An ideal software development approach to go to market, quickly.

Ship your products faster into the market with lowest time to market (TTM).

DevOps Managed Services

Get technical expertise at your fingertips.

You conceive the idea, and we will build engineering teams for you. Fill in the technical gaps of software development with the Build, Operate and Transfer model.


Quickly onboard a team and start building scalable products from day one, with our cloud ready model.


Scale the teams as you grow, while we hire, operate and manage the engineering teams.


Transfer the IP, Infrastructure, resources and intelligence seamlessly to you when you are ready.

The Build, Operate & Transfer Engagement Model

Go to market quickly, without worrying about engineering problems.

Faster time to market

Get the product faster
to your customers.

Scale rapidly

Upscale operations through Axiom’s holistic offerings required for your engineering.

Collaborate for success

Have access to experts that manage, set up and administer all operations as you work on your business strategy.

Axiom is your ideal BOT partner.

Build remote development teams with Axiom and take complete ownership without any risks involved in the process.
  • Understand application requirements and architecture.
  • Start working in a project model.
  • Execute multiple project releases.
  • Hire dedicated engineering staff
  • Help incorporate a company in India.
  • Establish a dedicated software engineering team.
  • Hire dedicated engneering staff.
  • Transition management responsibilities
Sudhir Potturi - Application Development Director
Sudhir Potturi
Superpowers: App Modernization, Full Stack Development, Cloud Native Product Development, Data Engineering, Automation Testing
Skills: AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Node, Java, Python, SQL, NoSQL, Serverless framework, Automation Testing (TestNG, BDD)
22 customers accelerated
Manages a team of 48 engineers
Meet him for advice on app development and for a career as a Developer or a Tester

Success story

Andy Zhulenev,
CEO, OneForce

Understand how OneForce built a quick MVP through Axiom's BOT model
Understand how Cylogic accelerated
Engineering in Cyber security.
Offering: Build, Operate and Transfer
– Product Development
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Build Operate Transfer

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