Digital Workspaces

Transform your employee experience with cloud and virtual desktops.

Your go-to partner for end user computing transformation. Launch enterprise grade, secure cloud desktops within a week.

Digital Workspaces

DevOps Managed Services

Access desktops and applications anywhere, anytime

Business landscape is shifting with remote work, transforming to modern desktops and applications. Increase your employee productivity with the ability to work from anywhere, with low latency and high-performance user experience.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Environment

Secure modern desktop experience from anywhere.

End user computing security is a must to protect your company assets and data. With Axiom’s CDP, implement best-in-class security features.

IDAM Integrations





End-point protection

Security Operations Center


Super-fast end-user computing transformation, through Cloud Desktop Platform.

Amazon Workspaces, Azure Virtual Desktops (WVD), Microsoft Windows 365 Virtual Computer, Citrix VDI, or all of them together. You pick, and we implement quickly through our proprietary product, Cloud Desktop Platform (CDP).

Our credibility

We are advanced consulting partner for AWS, with strong Digital Workplace competency.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Join the league of enterprises that modernized their desktops.

Thanmai Reddy - Digital Workspaces Director
Thanmai Reddy Mudiganti
Superpowers: Digital Workspaces and Public Cloud
Skills: Citrix on AWS/Azure/On-Premises, Azure WVD, Amazon WorkSpaces /AppStream 2.0
20 + customers accelerated
Manages a team of 10 engineers
Meet him for advice on setting up Digital Workspaces

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