Cloud-native App Development Services

Build smarter. Ship faster.

Bring ideas to life with scalable, fast product development designed for the cloud, and open your innovation to any app, team, or infrastructure.

Cloud-native application development

DevOps Managed Services

Focus on product development, not managing infrastructure.

Cloud-native applications deliver faster time to market, higher scalability, simpler management, and reduce cost through containerization, microservices, automation, and DevOps practices. Deliver business value as we get your challenges related to provisioning, scaling, and maintaining high availability out of the way.

Traditional App Architecture
Serverless Architecture
Traditional vs Serverless Architecture

Get on the Digital Bandwagon.

Build new cloud-native products designed for your customers and get ahead of your competitors.

Enriched Customer Experiences

Provide a superior customer experience and enhance technical agility with open and portable applications, deployable on any cloud.

Lower IT Costs

Save on costs related to manual activities with automation capabilities that cloud-native applications provide.

Enhanced System Reliability

Drive velocity and develop features faster without compromising quality.

Axiom’s Application Development Services

Cloud-native Product Development

We build highly scalable apps that can be seamlessly deployed, adapted, or upgraded

Microservices Development

We help businesses adopt a microservices architecture for greater resiliency, flexibility and robustness.

Cloud-native Modernization

We inject modernization and refactoring to your legacy apps without impacting the existing business revenue models.

Projects Delivered
Complex Apps Hosted on Public Cloud
Lines of Code
Years of expertise
in Cloud-Native Development
Sudhir Potturi - Application Development Director
Sudhir Potturi
Superpowers: App Modernization, Full Stack Development, Cloud Native Product Development, Data Engineering, Automation Testing
Skills: AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Node, Java, Python, SQL, NoSQL, Serverless framework, Automation Testing (TestNG, BDD)
22 customers accelerated
Manages a team of 48 engineers
Meet him for advice on app development and for a career as a Developer or a Tester

Success story

Rx Telecare is a full-service software that provides doctors with all of the tools they need to launch a successful and secure virtual clinic.
Application development case study
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