Managed DevSecOps Services

Implement security by design in the app development lifecycle with DevSecOps.

Build end-to-end automated security in the app development lifecycle.


DevOps Managed Services

Bake security into your CI/CD workflow for secure and faster releases.

Integrate security in the application development lifecycle to identify, resolve and prevent vulnerabilities.

DevSecOps Lifecycle
The DevSecOps Lifecycle

Empower your business with heightened
security measures.

Bake security into all aspects of app development - design, development, test, release, support, and maintenance.

Early Detection of Vulnerabilities

Code is analyzed at every stage ensuring prevention of security risks.

Better Collaboration Between Teams for Risk-free Delivery

Vulnerabilities are discovered in real-time and fixed with quicker communication and processes.

Automated Security

Use of automated tools and technologies reduce manual errors and speed up the process of embedding security.

Axiom’s DevSecOps Way.

We simplify the process of securing your assets across the DevOps pipeline for a seamless
application delivery lifecycle.



  • Threat Modelling
  • ASVS


Code Repositories

  • Git Secrets
  • Software Composition Analysis


CI Servers

  • SAST
  • Dependency Checks


Integrating Testing

  • DAST
  • Container Scans


Artifact Repository

  • Component Scanning


CD Orchestration

  • CIS Benchmarking
  • Hardening
  • WAF Checks



  • Vulnerability Management
  • Basic SOC


Periodic Assessments

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Log Analysis / SIEM

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Axiom's Clientele

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