Secure Your Cloud Applications and Infrastructure.

Axiom IO helps protect against cyber threats and automates cloud security.

Respond to Threats in Real-time.

Protect your cloud. Monitor, detect and respond to threats and risks in real-time with Axiom C-SOC.

Protect your cloud environment from internal and external threats.

Manage Risks Proactively With Threat Intelligence.

Identify attack symptoms with automated data enrichment and analytics.

Security Monitoring

  • Event logs analysis
  • Firewall log analysis
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Compliance checks
  • Pentesting

Incident Detection

  • Identification of threats
  • Containment of risks
  • Application layer threat detection
  • Network level threat detection

Mitigation & Vulnerability Management

  • Automated Playbooks
  • Recovery Services
  • Footprint Tracking

AWS, Azure, GCP – It Doesn’t Matter, We Have All You Need.

A next-gen cloud SOC requires AI/ML, people, processes and tools to respond to threats real-time. Have security engineers, playbooks and cloud-native tools in one place.

Success story

Hanuman Kamma,
CEO, EnParadigm

Understand how EnParadigm focuses on business growth, while Axiom takes care of cloud security operations
Offering: Cloud SOC

Our Security Stats

Threats & Risks Detected
Events Monitored
Threats Mitigated

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Cloud SOC

How To Set Up a Cloud Security Operations Center (SOC)

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